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Our Business
Providing High Value-added Products
At Taiyo Bussan, our goal is to provide our clients with the best solution. For example, a client may ask us to supply a processed chicken product with a particular flavor made by an original recipe; we assign a staff member specializing in this area to work with the client through every step of the operation, from beginning to end. The staff member will deal directly with those of our partner companies that produce the kind of poultry best suited to the client's needs, making comprehensive decisions on such matters as to the breeding method, the type of feed, appropriate seasoning and processing methods to be utilized. Therefore, we can provide you, the client, with the best solution that meets your exact needs in every aspect, including taste, quantity, price and delivery time. Naturally, this system for creating value-added products can not work without a firm relationship built on trust with both our producers and end user level customers. With our focus on "added values that only Taiyo Bussan can provide," we will continue to offer the right solution for any business challenges our clients may face.
Quick-response Portfolio
Occasionally imports from certain areas of the globe may be halted due to inclement weather conditions or changes in the political environment, or import circumstances may suddenly become less favorable due to sharp fluctuations in the market or exchange rates. When such trouble arises, we are able to quickly adapt by securing identical products from alternative sources by using our global network and information resources. To take chicken meat as an example, our network extends to all four of the major chicken producing countries: China, Thailand, Brazil and the USA. With this multifaceted and versatile portfolio, we can ensure a steady supply even when the unexpected happens. As a recent case shows, when imports of broilers from China were halted due to the outbreak of the avian flu, we were able to deal with the situation by quickly switching and finding replacement sources of chicken in Thailand and Brazil. In this rapidly changing business environment we will work with you to turn such potential set-backs into business opportunities by fully utilizing our information network and versatility.
Developing Products through Foresight
As is well known, food products such as tofu, miso, soy sauce and natto are made from edible soybeans. In order to make the best tastes, the prime ratio of constituent elements, such as protein and sugar, in the soybean must be suitable for a particular usage. Our customers' requests are increasingly diversified, with each customer requiring soybeans of different ratios, quality, price, quantity and delivery time. In order to meet these demands, we have been working with growers to develop new soybean seeds over the past seven years. We offer non-genetically modified soybeans and other varieties that are adapted to the needs of different food manufacturers. We continue to work in cooperation with our partner companies, making optimum use of our strong partnerships that have been forged on mutual trust over the years, so as to develop new products and open up new markets that meet the future demands of our customers.
Creating New Business
We create ways of new business through our alliances with other industries using our networks and expertise built up over half a century in China. Based on this experience, we increase opportunities for your business by making full use of our expert knowledge in specific areas of business, gaining mutual benefit from each other's connections. Specifically, we provide support in such key fields as factory site selections, initial investment, purchasing and sales in China. Indeed, some of our partner companies have already launched their businesses in China and we are delighted to report that they are making steady progress.
With the Chinese economy expected to enjoy further economic growth, we at Taiyo Bussan aim to use our experience not only to create new business and business opportunities in China, but also to contribute to fostering positive Sino-Japanese relations well into the future.