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Messege from president
We will create new business opportunities and values
through our expertise, versatility
and strong partnership.

Taiyo Bussan since its foundation in 1936 has engaged in the trade of goods encompassing every aspect of our lives; including food, clothing and material, with a focus on agricultural and livestock products that are familiar food ingredients. Our network established on a firm foundation of trust extends throughout the world touching parts of Asia, North America, Latin America, Europe and Oceania.
We have been growing as a specialized trading company based on an underlying principle that we are self motivated. We have pursued original business opportunities, specializing in specific areas that make use of our particular expertise and versatility becoming a company that is truly one of a kind.
In this rapidly changing economic environment, we focus on providing information, products and services to our partners with high added value from the consumer's perspective in order to meet increasingly diversified needs and contribute to improving the overall quality of our lives.
Taiyo Bussan seeks to be a "next generation trading company." We aim to be a trading company that takes on a new dimension through the synergy of enhanced information gathering capabilities, and our combined wisdom and knowledge in each area made possible by our lateral organization structure. In addition to the traditional trading operations, we will also generate new business opportunities with added value.
Joint business combining our own expertise with other companies' will play a more important role in the future. I believe that alliances based on partnership will make it possible to expand businesses which are difficult to operate alone and develop new dimensions through the synergy of know-how, networks and advantages.

Taiyo Bussan wishes to become your trusted partner and a company that can forge the path to a new age.

Message from president
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